Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Which bulb for which lamp holder

Sometimes it can be a little frustrating trying to make sure you choose the right lamp holder or light bulb for your lighting project so here is just a quick reminder of the types we sell on our website

SBC B15 - this is the Small Bayonet Cap (SBC) lamp holder which goes with the small B15 light bulb (the bayonet cap bulb is the push in bulb)

BC B22 - this is the Bayonet Cap (BC) lamp holder that accompanies the B22 light bulb -  larger in size than the B15 bulb

SES E14 - Small Edison Screw (SES) lamp holder to accompany the SES E14 light bulb (the edison screw bulb is a screw in bulb)

ES E27 - Edison Screw (ES) lamp holder accompanies the larger E27 bulb

We also stock E12 and E26 lamp holders but these are generally, in lighting, used for lighting to be used in the US

Bayonet Cap BC Lampholder

Copper E27 Lamp Holder

SES E14 Lampholder